Monday, February 29, 2016

Yes, My Name is Genesis Ippi

Since today is an unusual day (February 29), I thought it might be a good time to finally try to explain my unusual name.
When my mommy was growing up, she and her sister (Aunt Randi), thought that Genesis would be a pretty good name for a baby girl. So they made a deal. Whoever got married and had a little girl first could name their daughter Genesis.
Mommy won.
It’s actually a very effective and versatile name. Since I’m the first baby born in my family, it’s kind of cool I’m named after the first book of the Bible. Mommy and Daddy often emphasize that this does not mean they are planning on having sixty-six children. Besides, it would get weird pretty fast. Hello, I’m Genesis and this is my brother Exodus. Plus, it might mean inevitable twins (I and II Samuel) and eventually even triplets (I, II, and III John).
No, my name is not some master plan to create a village.
Another benefit of the name Genesis is that it results in a variety of nicknames. Gen, Genny, Gennifer, Gigi, and just now Daddy suggested Generator. (Someone might have to slap Daddy if he carries this too far.) My cousin Atticus calls me Cici. 
As far as my middle name, that was Mommy’s idea too. Daddy’s grandfather was born Ippi Carter. When he grew up, he changed it to Jack Ippi Carter. When Daddy mentioned the name to Mommy, she thought it would be a good girl name and it would be nice since it’s a family name. My great-grandfather was the first one to become a Christian in the Carter family.
Although my first name is Genesis, Mommy and Daddy call me Ippi. My Aunt Rachel Cherie calls me Genesippi. My Daddy has more than once called me Ippipotamus. (Somebody please—slap my daddy.)
We have no idea where the name Ippi comes from. Daddy Googled it and nothing came up. It’s apparently not short for anything. Or long for anything—for that matter. My great-grandfather came from South Carolina, so maybe the answer is out there somewhere. All I know is—I’ll probably have a tough time finding my name on any cute souvenirs.
This name has also assured an odd fate for me when I get married someday. No matter who I marry, I will end up being Mrs. Ippi (Mississippi).
The way things are going, I may very well end being known as the Girl with a Thousand Nicknames. Which could be pretty cool. If each person in my life has their own name for me, it could be interesting. But it will also make it kind of hard to introduce myself.
So for now, I’ll just say—Hello. Yes, my name is Genesis Ippi Carter.

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  1. Everyone with their own nicknames - kind of like ringtones. :)