Friday, February 12, 2016

More Seasoning

I just found out something pretty incredible. There is actually more than one season. As it turns out, there are four. However, since I was born November 16, all I’ve ever known is winter.

I do find the snow fascinating. After the last snowfall, Daddy kept dropping hints about sledding and snow angels, but Mommy indicated that since I’m still short of three months old, it might be best to wait a little longer for those kinds of things. However, Mommy did have me touch some of the snow at our doorstep. Snow is very white and very cold.

Whenever we go out, Mommy and Daddy bundle me up in my car seat. This has recently included tucking a blanket around my legs, which I really do not like at all.

I guess I should explain something. I hate shoes. I even hate socks. Like my Mommy, even if there were icicles hanging off my clothes, I’d still prefer to go barefoot. Whenever something is placed on my feet, or tucked in around my legs, I don’t necessarily fuss about it. I just very calmly and methodically start wriggling around until they are gone. So even though I do enjoy car rides, having a blanket tucked around my legs is not my cup of tea.

Speaking of car rides, whenever we do travel by vehicle, I am strapped into a custom-made seat that has all the roominess of a roller coaster seat. Mommy and Daddy often comment about how well I do in the car seat, since I for the most part go to sleep. But when struggling and crying don’t change anything, what else is there to do?

When I’m being carried in the car seat, they put a blanket over the seat. From my point of view, one place vanishes, I get jostled a lot, then the blanket is removed and lo and behold I’m in another place.

Once, Daddy was putting me in the backseat and he set my car seat down at the wrong angle. Just like that, the car seat fell over sideways at a forty-five degree angle. When he lifted the blanket to see how I was doing, he started laughing at how wide my eyes were. Real funny.

I realize the car seat is a necessity, but it’s hard to really experience the great outdoors if I spend most of it bundled up and tucked away like a burrito.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to this thing called Spring.

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