Monday, December 5, 2016

My First Prank

You know how once in a while Daddy messes with this blog, making little comments and jokes that aren’t as funny as he thinks?

I got him back.

Daddy teaches at Hyland Christian School. About a week ago, just before he left for work, I did something pretty funny and he didn’t even notice anything until lunch time.

The students always get together in the hallway to have a prayer before lunch. When Daddy bowed his head, he noticed something on his shirt. He thought it was a logo, but he had never noticed a logo on this shirt before.

Since he’s not the most observant person you’ll ever meet, he didn’t think too much about it.

But when the prayer was over, he took a closer look and discovered it was a sticker.

He automatically thought one of the students had somehow put it there. But after lunch, he asked the students about it and they laughed. They had been wondering what it was too.

For quite a while, Daddy couldn’t figure out how this sticker had gotten on his shirt.

Then it hit him.

A while back, Mommy bought a bunch of fun stickers for me to play with. A lot of them look like this.

But there was also a batch for Halloween. Some of those were still in the booklet.

That morning, when Daddy picked me up and hugged me goodbye, I had one of the stickers in my hand. And when he hugged me, I put it on his shirt. It was right-side-up and perfectly straight, as if it was the shirt’s logo.

Daddy then drove to work with the sticker on his shirt. He presented a devo lesson in chapel with the sticker on his shirt. He taught for almost three hours with the sticker on his shirt.

Here’s a picture of it.



  1. Oh Ippi You are so funny and tricky...Daddy will have to be on his toes with you huh? Love your blog!

  2. Maybe Ippi thought you and Mulder have something in common. Way to go Ippi!!