Monday, March 27, 2017

World Dominance for Beginners

I got to be in another play!
Daddy wrote a play called World Domination for Beginners.

I played Poppy.

I’m not sure what it was about. All I know is that Mommy brought me to two rehearsals and two performances.

At the rehearsals, I got to eat dinner with all these people who were dressed weird. They were all very friendly.

Allie Becker was the one who was going to be carrying me out on stage during my scene. She’s very nice. I was a little hesitant about hanging out with anyone besides Mommy or Daddy, but turns out, Allie shared her ice cream with me.

Wait a second…

If I didn’t know any better, I’d suspect Mommy and Daddy of resorting to some kind of bribery.

When the actual dress rehearsals started, I would watch the play with Mommy and Daddy. In the very first scene, three aliens come on stage. Every time, I would say, “Hi!”

I like aliens.

Then a few scenes later, Mommy would carry me backstage. Allie would be waiting for me and then she would carry me out onto the stage.

Same with the two performances.

The performances were a little different. Daddy took me backstage so Mommy could watch the scene. Plus, a whole lot of people were watching. I guess tons of people heard that I was going to be on the stage and came out to see me. I was happy they did come to see me because all the other actors seemed to have worked really hard. I’m glad they got some recognition too.

I didn’t have any lines, but a true actor knows how to make a scene happen through what is not spoken. I’m kind of a character actor. Or least my Daddy says I’m a character.

After my scene, I went back to sit with Mommy. A little bit later there was something called “Intermission.” This is where the lights come on and you eat cookies. Intermission is my favorite thing at home.

I can’t remember much after that. During both rehearsals and both performances, right after Intermission—I fell asleep.

I was really surprised later to find out that there was another half to the story. But I liked the version I saw. The one where Poppy shows up to save the day and then eats cookies.

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