Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My First Road Trip

I heard about how they sent a man to the moon. That’s pretty impressive, but not as impressive as sending a baby to Kentucky.

I’m not complaining or anything and I’m not bragging or anything, but being strapped into a car seat for 2,000 miles might make even some astronauts cringe. They have more leg room and they have some say-so as far as when and where to stop.

But I had fun!

Since we were heading toward places that would be even hotter than home, Mommy came up with something called a “noggle,” which is the white hose in the picture. It takes some of the air conditioning in the car and aims it at me. Thanks, Mommy!

Our first stop was Burlington, Colorado where we found a nice park. The playground was pretty amazing, but after spending several hours in my car seat, sitting in a swing just didn’t have the same magic it usually does.

Not long after that, we entered a place called Kansas! Daddy and Mommy commented about how flat it was, but I had trouble sympathizing with them. My view of the trip was mostly the head rests in the back seat.

Later, we stopped in Colby, Kansas—one of Daddy’s favorite towns because it has a Starbucks.

I slept some more and we arrived in Salina, Kansas. This has a place called Braums. Mommy and Daddy seemed pretty excited to be there and this is the closest Braums to Denver, so we stopped. I didn’t want them whining during the rest of the trip.  

After about eight hours in the car, we arrived at Wichita where the temperature was 100 degrees! Thank you again, Mommy, for the noggle!

We stayed with the Griffiths, who are good friends of my parents, but who I had never met. They have three sons and are expecting a baby in November (around my birthday). I guess the three brothers were not that excited about maybe having a baby sister, but I was told that after hanging out with me, they wouldn’t mind after all. In fact, not long after our visit, they found out that they are having a baby sister!

I got to play with their blocks and Mrs. Abbie took me into the backyard to look at the tree. Mr. Jarud picked me up and let me grab his beard. I like beards.

After we left Wichita, we drove to Missouri—my third state! We stayed in a motel there and I had a lot of fun playing on the bed.

The next day we drove into Illinois and Indiana and finally into Kentucky! My great grandparents live in Bowling Green. They are very nice! We were there several days and really enjoyed spending time togetherJ They had never met me and they had also never met my Daddy. They liked me the best.

On Saturday, we drove two hours to Louisville to see some other good friends—the Thibadeaus. We got to eat pizza with them, go to a coffee shop, and play some games. I got to play with Grace and all the kids, plus Catherine, Mr. Steve and Mrs. Trish. They are coming out to Colorado later this summer so I will get to see them again soon!

At my great grandparents I mainly played in the living room with my toys as well as the toys that belonged to Piper, their dog. Piper didn’t like me playing with her toys, but she was also very protective of me. I bet she slept better after I left.

I met a lot of my Mommy’s relatives including her uncle and aunt—Paul and Pam. We went to my great grandparent’s congregation. We relaxed in the backyard. It was very nice.

Then it was time to get in that car seat again. But I was used to it now. We drove to Columbia again, then to Salina, then home! I started to complain during the last hour, but then so did Daddy and Mommy. We were all tired of traveling.  

So now I have officially been in six states: Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky!

I loved meeting everyone and can’t wait to see them again!

But it’s their turn to ride in a car seat.

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  1. Ippi - next challenge: a car seat in an airplane! There's a toggle in the ceiling pointing right at you (even when it is already cold enough) and nice people bring you food and drink (if you stay awake at the right times). Plus... when you get off the airplane you are in - wait for it - another COUNTRY! Come see us in our house (we came to see you in yours. :) ) Scott en Shirley