Monday, November 16, 2015

My Birth Day


My name is Genesis Ippi Carter.

I know, I know. Kind of unusual. We'll get to that. But right now, I would like to tell you a little bit about my arrival.

I spent about 40 weeks in the womb, showing up two days before my due date. I know that everyone expected me to be late--since I'm a girl--but I figured, Hey, Mommy has done this long enough.

So anyway, it was Sunday night and Daddy was using a timer to measure how long Mommy made funny faces. When the funny faces got to be about 5 minutes apart, he called the midwife. She said to give it a little longer. They gave it a little longer and Mommy started making funny faces 3 minutes apart. They called the midwife and she said to come on over.

A midwife is someone who helps make mommy’s funny faces funnier.

Around 8:00 p.m., Daddy put Mommy and me in the car and drove down Federal. Even though Mommy was experiencing “contractions,” she gave Daddy advice on his driving.

Contractions are like “I’m” and “can’t”—as in “I’m in a lot of pain” or “I can’t do this anymore.”

Mommy helped Daddy maneuver around an accident and they had to take an alternate route. This is when Daddy started making funny faces.

We got to the birthing center and tried the door. It was locked. The midwife opened a different door and said, “Hello.” Daddy then realized he was trying to go through the wrong door.

No one else was at the birthing center. It was just me, Mommy, Daddy, the midwife, and a nurse. They were very nice, except for when they told Mommy to push. She didn’t like them very much when they said that.

Mommy was predicting that I would show up on November 15th, but I delayed about two hours past that just for funsies.

Mommy was pretty amazing. She worked really hard for hours and hours. She stayed focused and kept her sense of humor, even when she was exhausted and in a lot of pain.
Daddy drank coffee and ate crackers.

Actually he did help some—as much as daddies can in this kind of situation. He held her hand and tried to encourage Mommy, but mainly he silently felt a deep relief that he had not been born a woman.

The end result—I showed up and everyone laughed and smiled at me. I cried. Eventually I was happy and sleepy. My personal goal is to achieve all seven of the dwarves by the end of next week.

So here I am. I’m resting at home by the fire. I like this place better than my first place. That place was pretty humid and plus—I was upside down. This new place is much roomier and it comes with several servants.

So—just wanted to say hello. I hear tomorrow there’s going to be a big blizzard.
I’m thinking I should have waited one more day and made a more dramatic entrance on “a dark and stormy night.”

Mommy and Daddy said they’re very glad I didn’t.


  1. This made me cry. I love that you are warm in front of that particular fireplace, Ippi. It's a happy family home. I have faith in your dwarf ambitions, but good luck with that Doc one.

  2. I am going crazy over you and how adorable your chubby cheeks are! I can not wait to get into all sorts with you! Love you Ippi! Can't wait to see you!

  3. Oh Genesis, I am so very thankful you didn't wait til a dark and stormy night, as our sweet daughter did. You are being wrapped in the loving warmth of your daddy (oh Bret, this is SO COOL!!!! ) and pretty mommy( Sarah I SO PROUD of you. I am anxious to meet you, little one. I love you already.

  4. Precious baby! Already precocious at perceiving what's important. Make sure they learn all the "ropes". I love you. I will always have gum �� �� Patty Raab

  5. Sweet girl, a lot of people have long awaited your arrival. You have a very special place in a very special family that is bigger than just Mommy, Daddy and you. (I'm even in that family!) You have family all over the city, state, country, world, and some family who have already gone to their home in heaven. And even more, you have a Heavenly Father watching you grow and be happy and blessing you every day! I love you already, and soon I will meet you! Be warm and cozy by that fire, and put those servants to work!!! Love from Shera

  6. Wonderful words about a day to always remember.